Click to open the certificate(s) that you’ve earned:

Click to open your certificates as a PDF in a new window, where you can download or print your certificate (instructions below.) Did you complete a course successfully, and don’t see your certificate?  Try refreshing your browser.

You should receive your certificate by email and we’ll save a copy for you as well.
If you want to save or print a copy of your completion certificate, here’s how:

To print your certificate:
  • Click the link for your certificate above.  It will open in a new tab/new window.
  • Use the print function in your browser (usually File, then Print) – or the shortcut Ctrl + P (on a PC) / Command ⌘ + P (on a Mac)
  • On many browsers, you can also download your certificate from the new window
To save your certificate from this page:
  • Right-click the link
    • for some Mac users – press the Control (ctrl) key and click on the link
  • Select “Save as
  • Choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the file.
  • Select “Save
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